Saturday, July 12, 2014

A little Snack: YoGuRt

   Here is a snack I you would frequently see in my possession at 4 oclock.  I think 4pm is a great time for a snack, its roughly 3-4 hrs from lunch and 2-3 hours from dinner:)

   Coconut milk yogurt (vanilla)

   Cashews and almonds (as "granola")

   Unsweetened coconut

Peach and blueberries 

And a dash of cinnamon:)


Friday, July 11, 2014

Roseleaf Academy

BRACE YOURSELF... You will have to read! No pictures sorry!! 

    Well I'm back at Roseleaf Academy>>> the place where my blogging inspiration started:)

I finally found a job down here, it took fooorreevveerrr... I will be working at Ross dress for less and Gymboree.  I am so pumped!!! I am really excited to get into a routine because im just that type of person. Once that happens time is gonna fly so I NEED to remember to ENJOY myself.  Have you ever noticed that? They say time flies when your having fun, which is true, but I say time flies when your BUSY:)
      I joined the Young Single Adult ward here and its been super fun so far!  There are a lot of new people to meet and they have loads of activities to attend throughout the week.  I was also called as a ward missionary which is perfect because I want to go on a mission!  I feel like the baby of the ward, actually im pretty sure I am the youngest...

     I have found SOOO many books I want to read this summer but Im not quite sure how to strategize to I can make sure I get them all in.  I did listen to a few audiobooks which are tremendous!!! You can listen to it while you work or drive.  But the thing is youtube doesn't have every book and I can afford audible.  Any suggestion for this dilemma??? #firstworldproblems:)

      Daddy and I have been corresponding through the good ole mail! It is so fun to get a physical letter, something I get to open and hold and keep forever, which you know I will!!!

     Oh I never told you about my brief employment at a movie theatre.  I like the theatre business and meeting people. but.... this place was a lil dumpy and the management sucked, on top of that I was being paid 5$/hr.  Not worth it!!! I quite after a week and was forced to look for another job but hey, "When you don't get what you want, you get experience."

     Sorry this entire thing is very random^^^  Thank you to my faithful readers. I <3 You! <<< And I'm very curious who you are, is that strange?  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Park City!

For the FoUrTh Of JuLy weekend my awesome aunt booked a room in Park City, Utah!

    If you've never been there you definitely need to put it on your bucketlist of places to visit.  It is gorgeous! 

<Trees, mountains, hiking, biking, swimming, shopping, PEACE> You name it, they've got it! 

    So I juggled traveling 45 minutes to and from work to Park City so I could make this FoUrTh Of JuLy a memorable one:) 

      Here's what we did:

   - mini hike
         - swimming// hot tubbing
              - painted nails
                   - gave my lil cousin Ells a workshop on "nightly routines"
                         - Alpine Coaster = HIGHLIGHT!

                              - Riding Gondolas

                                    - Ice cream
     Oh and Gymboree (where I work) was having an AWESOME 40% off sale and I just couldn't resist this little number>>> 

Get ready for cuteness future mini Paige!

Happy early birthday to RUSH!