Saturday, February 22, 2014

Island Park

Flashback to Sweethearts!

     Well... I finally went to a school dance & let just say it was an "experience."
It was a very snowy day. We started off making corsages and boutonni√®res at the other Paige's house.  Plus we ate pancakes> YUM!

This happened^^^
My creation^^^ not the best but hey, 7$ sure beats 20$!
The corsage Andy made^^  Aside from its fragileness, it was GORGEOUS! I was very impressed!
Then I went to get my hair done:) And the rest of the day ( at the family history event) I tried to not ruin it.  It was actually kinda stressing me out, but I'm easily stressable.< I don't think that's a word:)
We had brief pictures as we were all very eager to eat!
Preston and Cassidy
The bros^^^
Dinner at the Japanese Steak house really hit the spot! Not only was it DELICIOUS but it was also ENTERTAINING.

Andy kept saying he doesn't look good smiling (which I beg to differ) so we had to take a funny one:)

And then these two^^^ Love you guys! It was a great night.
Now the reason I say it was an "experience" was because of the dance:
1. It was in a ballroom like the ones dance conventions are held in.  I was grateful for this because it was roomy (besides the mob in the middle, you know what I'm talking about). Because of the setting I felt like I should bust out some lyrical or hip hop, for old times sake:)
2. The crowd was very interesting. I would've been completely content just people watching.
My observations were:
- There is the mob in the middle which if you look at too long your eye sockets will shrivel up and burn. Just kidding, I just wouldn't want to be a participant.
- There are the "in love" couples who slow dances to every song (so that is, slow danced to dub step. Whatever floats your boat :)
- And then the AWESOMLEY COOL PEOPLE who don't give a care.  Preston was the BEST EVER to dance with. His moves were hilarious, and he even made up a few of his own! Just envision "Singles Ward" status.