Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm thankful for

Well just in case I dont have time tomorrow to write about the things I'm grateful for.... 
Here are some super random things that I am so blessed to have:)













HOME (not mine, I wish^^^)


CLOTHES (love these booties!)





HaPpY tHaKsGiViNg!!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Wedding Weekend

On November 23, 2013 Justin Allen (my cousin) and Chelsi Grigg were married in the Boise Temple.
It was a fantastic weekend with family, food, and fun!!!
My cousin Lydia^^^ flew in from Indiana and ^^^Tyler from Arizona.
While waiting for the new Bride and Groom to come out, we took some pics around the temple grounds!
Tyler is preparing for a mission.
Our family is having a competition to see who can guess where he will serve: I say Georgia or Russia:)-Random!

I am so very proud of the decision my cousin made to be married for time and all eternity in the temple!
You are such an example to me!

Pictures for DAYZ... Sorry lil Matty:)


At the Luncheon^^^

Rhea and Samyna

At the reception.

McKinley, Lydia and I

SO Romantic. Oh and guess what?
My cousin Shayla and I BOTH caught the bouquet! DOUBLE WEDDING!
Ha Just Kidding.

Today I found this pic Ive been searching for, my dream boots!!! If ANYONE knows where I can find them PLLLLLEEEAAAASSSSSEEE let me know!!!
Love Stephanie Nielson's Style(

We also went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the Village.

The theatre is awesome, looks like a hotel.
The movie was good too, I think better than the first although a little confusing at times for my tiny brain to comprehend:)
I like how they brought the focus away from killing each other and more towards making a change- REVOLUTION
“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”  
-Bob Marley







Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Force of Impact

          Today at school I looked at Stephanie Nielson's blog and in her post she said: " I decided to utilize my blog to reach you- wherever you are; in your homes, or at work, maybe your checking this blog on your phone at the DMV..."

          Well it just so happens that I went to the DMV yesterday and posted about Our Exciting Emmett Adventures. Now I know she wasn't talking about me, I didn't even check my phone there, but I guess there is a one in a million billion trillion chance that she could've stumbled upon my blog in this big wide UNIVERSE. 

Probably not.. But it made my school day a tad more exciting!:)
I also started reading Jaycee Dugards book A Stolen Life. It interesting and heartbreaking and so so sad yet so hard to put down. I love learning about how people cope with hard things just as Jaycee and Stephanie have. 

I hope I can be like them and maybe, one day, impact people's lives too, like they have mine!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Exciting Emmett Adventures

Today... Preston and I went to Emmett to renew my license and get him his very first state ID:) exciting stuff!!
Pretty good photo considering the circumstances.

On the other hand I look mad/confused/"I'm trying to take a good photo but that always makes it worse"

Although it is a 1,000 X better than my under 18 license- TOTAL MUG SHOT:)

Right as we were finishing up, we realized we were 5$ short. So we decided to take a walk in the rain to the bank, which ended up being further than I thought- COLD!

It was waayy fun though. 
1 we met some super nice folks along the way
2 embraced the small town old country feel with its cute tiny homes:)
3 got my daily exercising in- ran through every intersection 

Oh and exciting news... Have I mentioned I can start my mission papers in 4 MONTHS!!!
INSANE I KNOW- I am so so excited though!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1082>>>>>& Sneak Peak Sr Pics

               Initially, I planned on posting a monumental 1000 views TOTAL, but you peeps are SO awesome that time has gotten away from me and views have ^ to 1082!!!! CRAZINESS!

While I was at a second dance photoshoot, my photographer gave me the previous sr pics we took.

Im a little rusty... OK A LOT:)
These last four are my FAVORITE!
Thanks Nathan!
After the shoot, mom and I got the BEST NACHOS IN THE WORLD at The Yardhouse:) Yummmm!
This was on the table and I just HAD to take a pic of it!
Its quite ironic since 2 Nephi 28:8 is the scripture mastery of the week:)
I entered a Mindy Gledhill give away contest. Unfortunately I didn't win:(
SNNNOOOWWWW this weekend!! Yay! and 107.9 is playing Christmas Tunes!
"That's what I'm talkin bout!"
While cleaning my room in preparation for family to come into town I found...
my ipod from sixth grade! oh how ive missed you!
Luke stayed at our house this weekend! There was a lot of fun and laughter:)  Love you Buddy!
We also attended three of CD's basketball games. He is such and amazing athlete:)
At the mall while some were getting Chinese massages and others manicures, I hung with Luke.
  • I bought a WONDERFUL mustard yellow scarf at DownEast while he laid on the floor with his hood on.
  • We went to the National Guard Store.
  • We looked at Santa! Yay!!!! Christmas!
  • He bought himself reeces pieces with my money and dropped half of them on the ground.
  • I amused him for about fifteen minutes by tying his finger in my shoe. Then he would show me how he was magic, "Ta Da" and could get it out:)
Last night we had a group date at a black lights ropes course called Bodies in Motion.
It was wayyy Fun and now I am soooo sore!
 my name is peege and I like to blog. -Written by Tanner