Friday, December 12, 2014

Tijuana, Mexico Round 2

Over Thanksgiving break my mama and I went down to Tijuana, Mexico to visit my doctor.  Yes, I know it sounds sketchy! If you are not aware already, I have had digestion problems for the past 6 years and we have been working to get to the bottom of it.  I am  hopeful that this doctor is our solution.
This time, we drove...17 hours.  It really wasnt that bad though.  I only drove for 1.5 hours and mom was freaking out the entire time so she took over:) Im really not a bad driver though... I promise!  Instead of checking into the hotel in San Diego we decided to go to the beach.  
    The closest beach was called Boarder Field.  Quite ironic becaue it was literally right next to the boarder of Mexico.  See that fence? Yep, the other side is mexico.  We met a security officer who has to sit on the beach all day to monitor so people dont try to hop the fence or swin around to come to America.  
     Unfortunatley, you cant swim in the ocean because when it rains all of the sewage from the Tijuana River floods into the ocean contaminating it.  Gross! I was really sad:( I wanted to swim!

The next day we made our way into Mexico. Yes, my MOM drove into Mexico with HER CAR!! The drivers there are like mini Italians and my mom says to are either an offensive driver or an offended driver. Haha! She did an excellent job!

So pretty much every day we went to the clinic right across the street from our hotel to get treatment until about 4 oclock.

The bacteria I had last time is completely gone! Yayy! But I still have some other abnormal cells that we need to get back to normal:) I will be going back at the beginning of March for HOPEFULLY the last time.

In the evening we would go out on the town:) One night we went to this AMAZING movie theatre with GIGANTIC recliners!!! We saw Mocking Jay and I accidentally fell asleep... Whoopsy!

     This is our absolute favorite meal at "the grass hut restaraunt." Spicy Grilled Shrimp with rice pilaf and veggies! YUM!~

And... I got sushi!!! But it wasnt that great. Too bad so sad!

It was perfect weather- 75 degrees. SuN sHiNiNg

We also went to this organic vegan and diabetic bakery!  The owner spoke little english but was so sweet and nice! She served us dinner even though technically serving hours were over.
    Everyone at the hotel and clinic are soooo kind to us!!! I wish Americans were like that!

At the clinic getting Chelation ( an IV which cleans your blood)

Being weirdos... wait a minute. Being OURSELVES:)

The coolest trees in the world. According to me:)

Till next time Tijuana:)

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