Friday, December 12, 2014

The Christmas Tree Adventure

Last weekend I went on a Christmas Tree Adventure with Austin and is brother and sister in law.  We drove up to a forest in the mountains to chop down a tree... This was a new experience for me as my family has always had a fake tree.
We trudged around in the freezing cold for about an hour searching for the perfect tree.  The boys also got some of their energy out by running around throwing snowballs at one another.  

Austin found a mini tree for his apartment (displayed below) and his bro and sis in law found a slightly bigger one^^^ (displayed above)  Sawing down the tree was a lot of work, of course, I was just supervising but boy did it tire me out watcing them;) haha! 

I call this the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree:)

After changing our wet clothes Austin and I went over to his bros house to help them decorate thier tree and  wrap presents while listening to christmas tunes.  It made it feel a little bit like Christmas. Except for the lack of snow here in Rexburg.. its quite sad:(   Then we watched Over the Hedge... not so christmasy but its ok:)

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