Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where has October gone?

      Only one week left in October!  Not sure if I'm happy or sad about this?  I think sad because...

This week:

Did a sociology experiment at Wal-Mart. This class is beginning to be my favorite!!!
We were studying the impact of children's toys on the way we think now- Stereotyping.
Can you tell which isle is the girls?^^^ PINK!
This is the games isle... and the isle with the most kids in it. Interesting!
People think that girls are bombarded with the media, telling us what we should weigh, what we should wear, what we should buy ect. But so are guys^^^
I started reading Elizabeth Smarts book My Story. It is so inspiring!! You can get it at Deseret Book.
We went to dinner at Costa Vida on Monday and came home to this.^^^ At first, I peeked into the kitchen, and being the only one in the house at the time, was kinda freaked out seeing the cat on the table:)
Little did I know this was just the beginning of the Sister Missionaries harmless act.
I proceeded upstairs and found this^^^ our family room furniture scattered! Ha SO FUNNY! I love it! The sister missionaries are just like family... and I cant wait to have the opportunity to serve in a year and two weeks! Ya BABY!
Tuesday night I came home exhausted from school, working out, and late night babysitting... but I was welcomed by this wonderful surprise from the one and only... Sister Missionaries!
It made my day:) 4 bags of leaves because I love leaves so much! I have yet to roll around in them. So cute!
Friday I had my sr pics! It was so much fun! the main ones were taken by the river with these wonderful bright yellow trees.
My photographer Nathan Thueson was awesome and so creative. If you still need ur sr pics, or pics of any sort, he's your man! Look him up on Instagram- nthueson
After we rushed down town for some dance pics.  They are nothing like these gorgeous girls and I cannot even compare to them^^^ (the ballerina project from Manhattan) but they are inspired by these pics!
And... We're planning another dance photoshoot! SO EXCITED!!! 
Today I straightened my hair and... Its getting so long! Well compared to where it was a year ago!
Happy Halloween THURSDAY!!! Cant wait for some homemade chicken noodle soup:) YUM!












Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good Days!

Temple Thursday! I'm pretty sure this is turning into my FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK!
1. Obviously attending the temple. Even though the amount of time you have to sacrifice stresses me out a little, I know I am being blessed!
Can you find my shoes???
2. Thursday means its almost Friday>>>The weekend!
On the way home we got a call from our good friend Austin.  He announced received his mission call to... Atlanta, Georgia. Good luck out there:)
When we finally got home we were greeted by the sister missionaries and joined in on their guacamole fest! YUM!
I went to yoga and struggled.  My knee hurt bad!  On the ride home I began to get discouraged thinking," I'm never going to be able to dance again."
Then I turned on some music, the song playing was I will rest in you by Mindy Gledhill.  Some lyrics touched me: Lord I need to know, my mind is playing games again, your right where you have always been.   
While listening, the spirit came over me and I felt the love God has for me- for all of us!  I cried in gratitude towards him.  He blesses me everyday and brings me tender mercies.
Ironically, as I tried to fall asleep I saw this picture of my friend with MINDY GLEDHILL after attending her concert!!! She was in Boise and I missed it.  I was and am so mad at myself:(
But it gets worse.  I found out she did a workshop with Fresco Arts Academy. Should've gone there when I had the chance!  So not only was she in Boise, but she was like 200 yards from me! CRAZY!
I immediately looked up her concert schedule and found out her next concert was in Idaho too.  I asked mom if Preston and I could take a road trip after school (being spontaneous) to see her concert!  She agreed as long as she could convince dad. 
 All day I was SO EXCITED, confident that one of my dreams was about to be fulfilled.
But mother, being older and wiser, researched the concert and found out I had mis-read (that seems to happened often).  I thought she was performing in Twin Falls rather than Idaho Falls, a 2 hr drive vs. a 5 hr drive.  TOO BAD:(
Last night, instead of a spontaneous road trip, it was a night of homework.  Ollie sat next to me as I read and studied, but it didn't last long because his stench was horrible.  I gave him a bath and a good blow dry^^^ (he didn't like that too much)
Scared of the blow dryer
                      ^^^ me
This morn mom and I went to a kick boxing class at Studio C.  I only made it through half of it before my knees started aching.  Afterwards, I couldn't help but reminisce about my dancing days.

Hot air balloons filled the sky today. They looked so magical!  I kept telling mom it'd be so CUTE and ROMANTIC if someone proposed in a hot air balloon!
- Except there's gonna be a random instructor dude there 
- And if the girl said no then your stuck:) AWKWARD...

One of many interesting things I came home to this week. Preston and Tanner^^^
Happy weekend!









Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hair bows and Wednesday!

The most adorable handmade bows for sale>>> Going towards my mission and college funds:)
Step 1: Choose your number of fabric (email me if you have questions
-you can pick combinations of different fabrics, one part the main bow and the other the center piece or just stick to matching like below  
Here is an example<3 #23
#16, 23, 25, 13
Step 2: choose your size. Regular size for teens or adult is around 5 "long 3" wide, but I can also make small bows for toddlers around 3" long 1" wide, which I would suggest a non thick fabric:)

#2 plain pink


#4 Thicker

#5 Thicker

#6 Thicker



#9 different image depending on what part of the fabric I cut out

#10 Thick

#11 Thick

#12 tee shirt material


#14 slicker material

#15 silky

#16 actually dark navy blue

#17 very silky


#20 Yay Halloween! also depends on which image you get


#22 more gray:)

#23 black in example^^^

#24 old shorts

#25 velvet material




#29 kinda silky




#34 soft pillow case material

#35 bleach dye tee shirt. looks more orangey red in real life.. & cooler, I promise!


#37 thick



#40 thick





#46 thick
#47 for the middle section that wraps around the bow
Step 3: Email me the number of fabric (combination), size, and any concerns or questions (
I will try to finish them promptly and will email you back when your bow is finished to decide the place of delivery (whether its at church, school, or your home, I am flexible and willing)
Tip: bows are glued to metal clips to ensure security:)

NOT WEDNESDAY but... I started my application TUESDAY night for BYU!!! So excited!

Today skipped first and second period- we had a screwed up PSAT schedule. I got a ton of homework done!:) maybe I can relax this weekend?

There was frost on the ground! Yay its beginning to look a lot like... CHRISTMAS!

Went outside in my pjs to take pics of the gorg sunrise.

My mom hung my favorite "wreath" of all time:)

Tonight for mutual we went to a park and played ultimate Frisbee. Or in Quincy and my case, "keep away from the Frisbee.