Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspirational Spiritual Quotes

      One of my favorite quotes is," Todays Test is Tomorrows Testimony." I heard this once at church as a missionary bore his testimony. Before that day I had never thought of my trials in that way, but its true and everyone has experienced it.

 Once you go through a trial or an experience that tests you, you always get something out of it. I know that God never takes a joy in your life away without having a better blessing in mind. He is in control of our lives and we need to put our trust in him because he knows what's best for us!

    This summer as I lived with my grandparents, my grandma, Trissa and I decided to have a movie night. As we watched I could tell Grandma started feeling uncomfortable, because I felt it too. The content of the movie was not the cleanest and after a few minutes she asked if we could find a different one to watch. 
      How GUILTY I felt. I knew better than that. So from that point on I have been trying to surround myself with good, uplifting, "grandma approved" media. This test turned in to a testimony about watching good, clean media.
      Building a testimony takes time. You must find out for yourself what you believe through experiences and study and learn of each doctrine, pray to God to know if its right, and try your hardest to uphold Gods commandments. It will be hard but I know it is possible and definitely worth it!!!

Inspirational Spiritual Quotes:
-"Life is not a struggle with time, its a struggle between good and evil."
-"Hate will eat you up, love will set you free!"
-"The more you choose to see and feel joy, the more joy there is to see and feel." Stephanie Nielson
-"Its a beautiful heart, not a perfect body that leads to a beautiful life." Stephanie Nielson

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  1. Paige, I love this post!!! I definitely have had a hard time keeping things grandma appropriate but I know if you can do it, so can I (: thanks for sharing this!