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Due to my busy Sunday tomorrow and my extreme desire to go to bed right now, I'm sending Preston's letter to all y'all. Watch out for a new vlog going up in the next couple days too:)*

Hi Elder Simmons!!!
   How are things? I met another person that went to the exact same mission as you, although, it was a while ago.  She said the food isn't that great though, its bland.  Is that true? And she said the members never fed them so they always resorted to eating bread.  I guess there are always markets and bakeries with fresh bread.  She ended up gaining 40 lbs! Haha! What are your thoughts on the food?
    This week has gone by faster... and I assume the coming weeks will fly by as well as I get busier with school.  Is that how the mission is? Do the weeks fly by or do the days seem long?

This week I:

MONDAY: We had an opening social for our ward in which I helped set up for because I was called to by the Service and Activities Chairman. Saweeet!!! I have a buddy that is another chairman and he's pretty cool.  He is very enthusiastic about the calling which I was really glad about:)  There was food and we pretty much just socialized the whole time... that's kinda what you do at a social;) We also got our FHE groups and I am in Lincoln and Chi's group again like I was in the fall! Yay!
Our wards has very limited guys which is pretty typical every semester but I think even more prevalent during the summer months.  After helping with clean up my roomies and I all went to the grocery store.  I guess grocery shopping is kinda like a social activity for Hispanics (3 of my roomies are Hispanic) so I ended up waiting for them for like 45 minutes.  It was all good though:) I still got to bed on time.

TUESDAY: The most eventful thing that happened was my church meetings.  Dallin (the other service and activities chairman) and I met at 6pm to discuss who we prayerfully decided upon to be in our committee, then we met with all of the "BIG MEN" (the bishopric, relief society presidents, and elders quorum pres) to choose callings for people.  I had no idea that this calling was so high up but we are going to all of the same meetings as the relief society and elders quorum presidents. 

WEDNESDAY: I did FIVE TURNS in my dance class!!!! That is a BIG DEAL! I haven't done that many for a looonnnggg time:) My knees have started hurting a bit though:( I then went to the temple, cleaned the apt, facetimed Austin, facetimed Ellie, and went to a sax concert for humanities.

THURSDAY: Did the exact same thing as Wednesday.  Had class, did homework, went to the temple with my friend Katie, Oh but then I went to sushi with my roomies Kellsey and Mallory, then I went to another concert for humanities class.  Kellsey came along to this one:) 

FRIDAY: After classes my roomie Jessica helped me with a photo project for humanities.  I'll attach some of the pictures below.  It had to be of things we enjoy doing.  My roomies went Latin dancing and I went over to Katie's to go to a college PARTY! It was at the Ivy (her apt complex) and It was so so so much fun! Well not the party part, but being with Katie was SO fun! There was crappy dubstep music that we danced to.  As the night went on more people showed up and soon the tent was FULL of people.  SO much so, that you couldn't even dance anymore... so we ditched the party and had our own dance party in her apt.  We also just talked:) ...mainly about her love life but what can you expect? -It's this age! Its makes us all BOY CRAZY;) I ended up getting home at 1am! Yes 1 AM!!! I know, I'm proud of myself too:)

SATURDAY: I did laundry all morning and then I hosted a Mary Kay party for some of my friends and I.  We all did facials and tried some make up products.  It was way fun.  Then I just worked on some random stuff I needed to around the apt and made a very unique, interesting dinner.  Yeah... I don't know what else to say about that.  It was different:)

Tomorrow (Sunday) I have a busy day. Meetings, meetings, meetings.  That's why I'm writing this now.  Have a great week Preston!!! I cant wait to talk to you this next SUNDAY! Ahhhhhh! Yay! I'm still trying to find a ride down to Utah.  I'll work my hardest to. I love you!


Letters to my twin brother, Preston, who is serving a mission in Santiago, Chile (North:)


   I am sooooo sorry for not writing you last week. It crossed my mind and I was totally going to do it in the car on the way to Rexburg but I got side tracked and forgot! SORRY!
   Anywho my first week back is over and done with! I'm just really exited for a month or so to go by so I can really get into a routine and make some awesome new friends.
    How is the mission? Is it hard? Are you finding people to teach? Any baptismal dates? What do you usually do on P days? Have you been to any beautiful places or been on any hikes or adventures? I just met someone who is in my Book of Mormon class who recently returned from Santiago, Chile SOUTH... I think, but he said that you're in a VERY beautiful part of Santiago! Paige Leatham also told me a volcano erupted! Are you near it??? I hope all is well! I love and miss you!

My Week:

SUNDAY: Dad gave me a blessing before we left to Rexburg.  On the way there I realized it was sunday and I couldn't get my room key or check into my apt so mom and I decided to get a crappy 52$ hotel room to stay in.  Then I realized school actually started Monday instead of Tuesday like the website said!!! I was kind of freaking out because Monday I had a 9 am class I had to get to so we would have to wake up at the crack of dawn to drive to Rexburg, unload my stuff, and I'd head to class.  I also realized that I forgot all of my toiletries: blow dryer, make up, the whole sha bang.  We ran to the dollar store to pick up some essentials.  It was a little chaotic. Sorry- that's why I forgot to write you.

MONDAY: All of my stuff was unloaded by 8:30 am so mom headed out and I went to my first class.  I only had two classes- humanities ( in which you learn about culture and art and such) and jazz dance.  I organized my room and then went over to my friend's Amy and Aaron's house to visit.  They recently got married in December and confessed to me that they already got pregnant.  Amy's very worried what her mom is going to think but I told her that if it weren't meant to be then she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. 

TUESDAY: Had Book of Mormon class at 9 am then an hour and a half break and then my Family Relations class.  Daniel took me to the store to get some food and then I hurried to devotional.  I had a headache later that night so ended up going to bed at 9:30pm

WEDNESDAY: Ellie and Cj facetimed me at like 7 in the morning.  Ellie has been facetiming me every day. I miss her!! After class I had a meeting at the Academic Career Center and I changed my major from Elementary education to Child development! Yay! Now I need to research a bunch of possible careers to figure out what I'm interested in so I can choose a minor.  I then had a job interview for a call center.  It went well:)

THURSDAY: Not sure what it is with Thursday's but I forgot to write...

FRIDAY: After class I went to an art show with some kids from my humanities class.  Then went over to this girls apartment to help her set up a blog for our family relations class.  The walk to her apt should've only taken me about 10 minutes but instead, my GPS took me the long way and it ended up taking me 30 minutes!!! Oh well... it was good exercise:)  Later in the evening I went on a date with a kid I met last semester.  We swam at one of the apts that has a hot tub and pool then went back to his apt and made dinner and watched a movie. I fell asleep on the couch but still made it back home by curfew- 1 am! I cant believe I was out that long.  I'm quite proud of myself:)  My roomies wanted me to stay up and watch a movie with them but 1 am was good for me.  They were up until 3 or 4 am!!! 

SATURDAY: This was a pretty chill day.  I slept in, did some reading, watched some youtube, then went swimming with one of my friends and her sister for a couple hours.  I made a super yummy dinner then my roomie Mallory and I talked for 3 hours.  We pretty much rehashed our whole lives to one another:) I love my roommates so so much!!

I'm so excited for church today and to meet new people!!!  Have a wonderful week! I love you!


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