Monday, September 8, 2014

Favorite Mormon Messages

I LOVE mormon messages!! They bring the spirit into the room so quickly and turn my day right around when it seems gloomy.
    Check out some of my absolute favorites:

The Hope of Gods Light

Have I ever told you that HOPE is one of my favorite words??? The gospel of Jesus Christ IS HOPE!! Although it may seem like its the end, like your life is completely over at times, there is always hope! 
     I know that as long as i do what is right i can return to live again with my father in heaven. I can have peace and eternal happiness!!! I can be together with my family forever and break the bands of death, just as Christ did, recieving my physical body through the resurrection (this is a free gift from God to ALL of his children). 
     There is hope! God wants to comfort you. All you need to do is open yourself up to his love and recieve his light!!!

Because of Him

This message kind of goes hand in hand with what i was explaining above^^^  The atonement is GREAT!!! Because of what Christ did for us we can have a body again and recieve all of the temporal and eternal blessings available!!!

Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

Honestly this message makes me have more respect and love to fathers and rightious families!! It displays a fathers role in the household and shows me how God is the center of LOVE! It also makes me super excited for my eternal family!!!:)

My New Life

I cant even express how i feel about the AMAZING Nielson Family!!! This womans example changed my life!!!! Read her book Heaven is Here or visit her blog
She helped me discover what is truly important in life!!!

Enduring Love

I cry every time i watch this!!! Love is Sacrafice!!! I want a loving relationship like this>>> a relationship with a foundation built on Christ. One that stretches beyond physical attraction and connects and binds two souls together discovering eachothers deepest desires and true qualities. Eternal and Enduring LOVE!:)

Hope you enjoyed and feel inspired!
XOXO- Paige


Sometimes I feel like a little kid who's acting like an adult.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, " Im still daddy's little girl!" and other times," Is that really me? When did i get so old:)" 
I wish time would slow down or stop completely.
How about a rewind??? That'd be nice.
Enjoy every moment. Preserve the memories.
Life goes fast, and I for one, DO NOT want to miss out:)


Loving my journal

Ok no judging, but sometimes I personify my journal. I LOVE it! Sometimes it is my best friend: I can tell my journal ANYTHING and it is always there to listen:) haha! 

In July when i was feeling lonely i absolutely loooovvvveeeddd having my journal to talk to, I wrote this,

 "Dear Journal,
                    You keep me sane. I will now rely on you even more than before. Thanks so much. byyyeeee:)

                                         Love/ Paige <3"

Odd Fears..

About two months ago I realized that I have a couple VERY odd fears:

1. I have a fear of being cold- well, maybe i just love fall clothes waaayyy too much (it actually makes me giddy thinking about fall!:) but.. I ALWAYS have a sweater or jacket with me WHEREVER i go. 

Even when its 102 degrees outside. I dont want to get cold;)

2. I have a fear of being bored or not having anything to do. 

That is why i ALWAYS have either a planner, notebook, or reading material in my bag for the times when i have nothing to do:)

Why love is an amazing discovery!!

Inspired after seeing The Fault in Our Stars with Laurel and Camille:

     Having a relationship with your parents is kind of easy.  Not saying it doesnt take work, but together youve made a history filled with memories and have the conveniently obvious commonality of sharing DNA. Your parents love you, they created you! Now take all of that out of the equation, but the end result must still be love. 

You are out in the big wide world essentially alone, while surrounded by 7+ billion people <<< and you must find that one stranger that will love you: history, genes, DNA aside and you must love them too! So much so, that you WANT to be with them FOREVER! 

That is quite the accomplishment if you ask me:)

XOXO- Paige

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mission Rant

I hope this doesnt seem like a selfish rant. I have no idea where it came from:) But i am being honest with you people... and I am honestly sharing with you my VERY personal thoughts:
preston is in the MISSION FIELD!!!!

    People say a mission is not about you but it kind of is.  Not in the sense that you should focus on things that only benefit you (you still need to selflessly serve!) but... at the end of the day you wont know if that young mother of two decided to join the church or the true thoughts and intents of the old man who lives on the corner.  

    You have yourself, sorry your stuck. And if you serve a mission and open yourself up to how the spirit can change you, how it can nudge you an inch closer towards perfection, you will be a happier person.  

So, in the end, yes, always remember to serve others and guide them towards christ, who is the source of truth and light. But it is YOUR salvation, YOUR happiness, YOUR exaltation, and YOUR happily ever after that truly matters. 

The I HAVE rant

If you dont know already I am addicted to writing in my journal... I know, its kinda a strange addiction.  Most days I boringly list all of the things i did that day, but other times i suprise myself and write some pretty profound things.  <Things that display what strange thoughts bounce around inside my head:)

     I call these moments in writing rants.  Most of the time it is a struggle for my hand to keep up with my brain.  And i call it a rant because I am randomly spewing my opinion or feelings on a specific  topic.

I wrote this I HAVE rant when I was struggling over the summer. It helped "bring me back" to the things i have to be grateful for: ENJOY!

I want to live.
I have so much to learn! I have the gospel, good news, and hope! 
I know who I am and what i want to be- a mother.
I know that one day i will be able to be married in the temple and have children.
I have people all around who love ME! 
And a father in Heaven, a great family, many friends. 
I am so grateful I am never alone!

YOU are never alone!!
XOXO- Paige

Friday, September 5, 2014

A year ago today...

Ive been looking at my past journals and thought itd be fun to reflect on my life. What was Paige doing a year ago TODAY???

Snippets from my journal

" Sept. 5 2013
         Today Prest and I went in early so I could get help with math. I really like how Mrs. AM help us.  Its not like cattle herding, one by one we ask our questions and get shoved to the back of the line to wait... Instead she sits down at a table with the 4-5 of us who need help and asks us what we dont understand, writes it out, explains it and then as we solve it ourselves asks us how we're doing. Its nice and completely different from the speedy way she teaches.

Pdog *thats what i call Preston in my journal* and i went to the JIM *what he'd call the gym:)*. There was a HUGE rainstorm that caused everyone, excpet preston who im pretty sure is partially deaf, to gather around the window to watch. I did homework and ate dinner. Now im finally catching up on the reading Ive been dying to:
- The Book of Mormon
- Pretties
- Dads journal of when he met mama
- The first Great Commandment (conference talk)
- Safety and peace of keeping the commandments (conference talk) 
- News article of woman who burned her baby... so sad!!!"

WOW!! has life sure changed!

     Right now, PRESENT DAY, Im out of highschool!!! THANK GOODNESS! I will be starting my first semester of college in a week:) Preston is on a mission in Chile! I definetly feel more social and confident than i did at this time last year>>> Thanks Roseleaf Academy!!! 

XOXO- Paige

Monday, September 1, 2014


Are you ready for the BREAK DOWN my peeps??? If you don't know already I've had tummy problems for about 4 years and haven't found a solution... Till now! I'm hopeful! 

Lets get started:)

- I was asked to give a talk on charity. I kinda knew it was coming:)
- At the mingle one of my friends Ashley told me that I seem super confident with talking to ANYONE>> So much so that I could "talk to a rock." Haha!!! Why thank you! Really though, this is the BIGGEST compliment EVER because I totally don't feel like that!!

    My mom and I headed to San Diego!! Once we got to the hotel we just laid on the bed ( there was a lot of this  happening this week) because I didn't feel well. Later we walked to the grocery store and ate dinner at a diner.

    Caught a shuttle at 7 am to cross the border to Tijuana, Mexico.  Right as we crossed there was an awful stench. Haha! We called them car farts because one moment things would be fine and dandy and then a beater car would pass and we were running for our lives:) 

We dropped our bags at the hotel and then headed to the clinic.  I had blood work done and then Dr Calzada looked at a drop of my blood under the microscope to observe my cells. He found:
   - Lemon Cells: which means inflammation ( probably in my intestines)
   - Uric Acid: which means im not breaking down protein
   - Overgrowth of Yeast
   - Ghost Cells: which for older people it means they are losing their memory, but luckily for me it only means I have very low energy.
   - Overgrowth of Bacteria
   - Very low iron
    - Low body fat (which is no surprise. I guess my body hasn't gotten enough carbohydrates for such a long time its been eating my fat and muscle to feed my organs. Scary!)
    - My stomach aches are because my intestines don't digest properly.  When I eat small amounts ( which physically makes me feel better ) it doesn't make my intestines work very hard, so then when I eat bigger amounts my intestine doesn't know how to digest it. The solution to this that the nutritionist gave us is: for 1 week blend a smoothie for breakfast and 2 snacks with these glutapaks (carbohydrates). The blending makes it easier for my intestine to digest. And for lunch and dinner eat rice, chicken or fish, and veggies. The second week I don't have to blend. She thinks this will make me feel SO much better:) As the weeks progress I guess ill be able to eat more regular foods but I will probably always eat gluten and dairy free, which im totally fine with! As long as I feel good:)
     - I also have Irritable bowel Syndrome

I started treatments on Tuesday morning. they first did chelation which is an IV full of vitamins and nutrients that cleans your blood. The average person takes a half hour to get through chelation, but I guess I must have small veins because it took me FREAKIN TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!!! INSANE RIGHT?? But I had a lot of time to read, journal, and prepare my talk:)

Then I had a foot bath which releases toxins in your body from your feet.

After eating a delicious lunch I felt sick so we went to the room and slept.

Later that night we went on a walk to explore Tijuana. Actually we went to the grocery store:)

 ObSeRvAtIoNs Of MeXiCo:
- everyone is friendly
- the drivers there are sooo scary. Pedestrians totally have to watch themselves so they don't get killed!!!
- there are a ton of police but they never pull anyone over>>> guess they're fighting crime
- If your walking down the road every taxi will honk at you to see if you need a ride.
- 1 U.S $ = 13.1 pasos
- Alto means stop in Spanish but its pretty much just a suggestion
- there are no street lights so when you walk at night you feel blind:)

Chelation again. My therapy was a lymphatic massage which was SO NOT relaxing because they massage you SO hard! Met with the nutritionist which was overwhelming because she spoke very broken English and my mom was pounding her with questions.  and got a colonic. << that was an experience that I will not share details on;)

Chelation once again. Got magnet therapy where they wrap these magnets on your legs, tummy, and face and it kinda makes you feel like your on drugs. haha! Just because it is IMPOSSIBLE to say awake and it makes your whole body tingle. Had another foot bath.

Then mom and I went to explore the city with Charly who owns the all natural restaurant by the clinic. He was so nice to show us around! He didn't want us to go down the "bad streets":)
I bought some cute rings and checked out the market and graffiti alleys.

The tiny ring now fits on my pinky. Because of the heat my fingers were swollen. Haha! Gettin creative^^^:)

Oh I also watched a new Mormon message which is my ABSOLUTE FAV NOW!!! Look it up: the hope of Gods light

Last day at the clinic. Chelation, got all of my medicine, vitamins, and oral stem cells from the doc, got another colonic and magnet therapy done. Also met with the nutritionist to get my new eating plan. We were talking to the doc about how I want to serve a mission and he was totally familiar with our religion. He said all of his patients bring him books of Mormon (which he reads:) and half of his heart is catholic the other is Mormon. SO COOL!!! He'll be converted in no time.

Felt sick after therapy so we just hung out at the hotel the rest of the night reading, writing, talking, and watching Netflix ( all of my favorite things... minus feeling sick. haha!)

Woke up at 4 am to catch our 7 amflight!!! Sooooo sleeeep deeeeprived!!! The rest of the day I felt sick (whats new). By me saying this it may seem like it didn't work to you but from what the nutritionist explained my intestine just needs to get used to eating normal amounts of food. I have complete and total faith that these treatments will work!!!! 

We are planning on going back over thanksgiving and then he wants to see us the end of February too>>>> then I can go on my mission!! AND I will hopefully be CURED!!! Yayy! Ive been waiting so long for this!

SUNDAY: Today I gave my talk which went great... I wasn't even nervous! Probably because I'll never see these people again. Actually that thought makes me quite sad because I LOVE the Parkway Ward<3 Im sad to leave the friends I just met:( But... I guess I have to move on. College will be a great growing experience. And maybe I'll be back at roseleaf academy one day:)

We also went to temple square today as a fam! there is such a wonderful spirit there<3

And we kicked off our last day in Murray by zip lining!!! It was so much fun!!!

Life is good!

XOXO- Paige