Thursday, August 29, 2013

It all makes sense!

    So yesterday was my first B-day (not happy 1st Birthday to Paige, but first school B-day:) and it is much harder in the academic area as well as the staying awake issue.
Me being strange at 6:30am.

By fourth period my brain had had too much! It was Econ with Collins, a class I have been dreading because I fear I wont understand it! Aside from the fact that our teacher is very educated and uses big words, then spews the information out at us going 100mph, the lesson was very interesting though.

      It was so interesting I wish he would talk slower so I could grasp and comprehend every word that came out of his mouth. So here is what our lecture was on...He started off talking about how our population is drastically decreasing. Ya! I didn't know this. Why, you ask?
More people than ever are living in urban areas which makes it too crowded and expensive to have children. He told us that Detroit is now considered a "ghost city" and they are bankrupt. Is this what the world will come to? Destruction and desolation?
Desolation can be Gorgeous!^^^
      What does the world do about such a drastic problem like becoming extinct by 2050? Collins said that many countries use incentives such as maternity leave for 12 months or a free car for having a child....and guess what? It works!
Some of my favorite kiddos! Lydia

But one country tried advertising, ya, billboards of happy families aren't as  motivating as a free car. And Russia made a National Holiday on September 15 called Procreation Day (this is my sis Kelsey
Birthday BTW:) 
Cousin Rush
      SO... It all makes sense now! Well not all of it, life is still confusing. The whole class period I was thinking one thing, no wonder God commanded us to multiply and replenish the earth.
Not only is this a commandment so all of his spirit children have the opportunity to gain a body and learn on earth, but without people having children, this stage in eternity would come to a very abrupt end.
Cousin Ava
On an economic level if the world becomes extinct everything will turn to chaos all because of MONEY! What a smart Father in Heaven we have.
Cousin Payton

I know the end is near, but I've never thought that the population decreasing was a step towards the second coming. Interesting stuff! I think at least:)
Cousin Ellie
      During this lesson I was also thinking," I'll stay home and have babies!" Ha! I want nothing more than to be a mother and have a loving husband.
Cousin Cj (who is AWESOME might I add!)

To have a family that will rely on God throughout our life and make it back to him! How fortunate I am to have this knowledge and opportunity. 
Thanks for giving birth to me Momma, mullet and all!:)
Collin's first lesson was great, so great that I felt like I was listening to an inspirational speaker and should've clapped at the end of class. Lets see what tomorrow will bring.
The world is a beautiful place, don't forget it!
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


      Today we completed our first A-day of SENIOR YEAR! Crazy stuff. It seemed super strange being back at school, I feel like I didn't have a summer yet, walking through the halls seems so unfamiliar.
It was a snap chat sorta day!
      Its even weirder to think of where Preston and I, well even Christian and Kelsey, will be a year from right now! Christian will be a teenager, Preston will be off on a mission, I could be at college and Kels will be almost TWENTY ONE! Scary, I don't feel that old!
This is pretty much the first time Cd has EVER worn normal clothes to school. So PROUD!
      I hope everyone had an awesome day, if that's possible. What happens the first day of school you ask?... lots of syllabus's to stare at and rules half of us wont remember tomorrow.
Tradition: First day of school pic (Ollie doesn't like the camera)
 But I am very eager to start working... and finish working. Senior projects baby! I hear it isn't as tough or stressful as everyone makes it out to be. Guaranteed I'll still be stressed. 
Looking forward to fall though! Many holidays and birthdays to celebrate, snow that we hopefully get and fall fashion, my fav!!





Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Last Day of Summer/ Music

      Happy Last Day of Summer Everyone. Actually its quite a sad day. Today after Pilates, gym, getting the oil changed and picking up a prescription, I made time to visit the Hillsdale Clan (all of my friends live in Hillsdale)
The Sky Was Gorg this Morn!!!
We were pretty much all depressed and couldn't stop thinking about how we have to go back to school tomorrow. But we are dedicated to not being anti-social this year, if at all possible, and to have MORE FUN!
Poolside with the Hillsdale Clan
Quice Knows How to Relax!:)
      I also picked up my doggie, Ollie, from the groomer. They pretty much hate him because he is so hyper. When he gets his hair cut we call him Scooby Doo. His eyes look GIANT!
The Groomers Hate Ollie Because he is so HYPER!
       Lastly, here is some depressing music to go along with my depressed mood today. Just kidding, I've heard them be called "Chill." Anyways they are my favorite songs right now and totally motivate me to do physical therapy at the gym. These songs are perfect for
-motivation (I think a new music playlist can help with anything)
-dancers looking for a contemporary song!!!

By: James Vincent McMorrow (Thanks to my bro Preston for showing me some of these)
- Higher Love
-Wicked Game (also look up Travis Wall and Amy, So you think you can dance. ITS AMAZING)
- We are ghosts
-We don't eat

By: Jasmine Thompson (Thanks to my sis Kelsey for introducing me to this artist)
-Hey there Delilah
-Let her go
-When I was your man
- Home

By: The Neighbourhood  (Thanks Austin for showing me this song)
-Sweater Weather

By: Mindy Gledhill
-All about your heart
-This is my song
-Golden Slumbers

By: Mumford and Sons
-The Cave
-Dust Bowl Dance
-After the Storm
-White Blank Pages

p.s. sorry the pics are so gigantic

There are so many more wonderful songs I could share:) Hope someone out there finds a new favorite to motivate, relax, or dance to.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspirational Spiritual Quotes

      One of my favorite quotes is," Todays Test is Tomorrows Testimony." I heard this once at church as a missionary bore his testimony. Before that day I had never thought of my trials in that way, but its true and everyone has experienced it.

 Once you go through a trial or an experience that tests you, you always get something out of it. I know that God never takes a joy in your life away without having a better blessing in mind. He is in control of our lives and we need to put our trust in him because he knows what's best for us!

    This summer as I lived with my grandparents, my grandma, Trissa and I decided to have a movie night. As we watched I could tell Grandma started feeling uncomfortable, because I felt it too. The content of the movie was not the cleanest and after a few minutes she asked if we could find a different one to watch. 
      How GUILTY I felt. I knew better than that. So from that point on I have been trying to surround myself with good, uplifting, "grandma approved" media. This test turned in to a testimony about watching good, clean media.
      Building a testimony takes time. You must find out for yourself what you believe through experiences and study and learn of each doctrine, pray to God to know if its right, and try your hardest to uphold Gods commandments. It will be hard but I know it is possible and definitely worth it!!!

Inspirational Spiritual Quotes:
-"Life is not a struggle with time, its a struggle between good and evil."
-"Hate will eat you up, love will set you free!"
-"The more you choose to see and feel joy, the more joy there is to see and feel." Stephanie Nielson
-"Its a beautiful heart, not a perfect body that leads to a beautiful life." Stephanie Nielson

All Pics Taken Off Google:)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Busy Bees

      I thought when I came home from working this summer I would have a week of lounging, relaxing, and a little boredom mixed in there. That's not the case at all, but it has been better. Crazy,
 but better:)
On Wednesday August 21 my mom, siblings, and I met our new found friend Austin at Hillcrest Country Club. We met the week of Powell and I guess he missed us so much he just had to drive 9 hours + a flat tire to get to Boise:) I can't say I'd do that for a friend. Sorry guys!
     We swam and ate dinner, then swam some more as we boated with the youth for mutual. I am very surprised I went on the tube because I am a very motion sick person but... I couldn't resist Luke's adorable little face!
He pretty much star fished it and I had a sliver of tube to try to keep myself on, but it worked out in the end. After, we all talked and hung out on the beach.
     August 22, Friday, we packed in the activities. It felt surreal that Austin was here hanging out with us. My parents left for their anniversary weekend and the partying began... Just kiddin Im not a party animal:) Workin on it though! First, Austin, Preston, Tanner and I went to the aquarium.
 There was a giant Iguana there that is just left out in the open for everyone to pester. It looked deformed... poor thing!

They let you touch almost everything there. The sting rays came right to the surface, like they wanted to be petted:)
Example: we could touch ALMOST everything:) Typical.
Moon Jelly Fish. If I were I sea creature this is what I would be:)
Umm... not quite sure what's goin on here?
Or here.
Preston decided to take pictures of the birds in the bird cage. It was only after that he realized that he was taking a pic of a bird feeder, not a bird. Ha! It was funny but at least he has an excuse (Legally Blind Bro)
We ate lunch at my new favorite place- Noodles and Company. Well it still doesn't beat Café Rio. Preston of course had to get the 1000+ calorie meal:) Shhh! Don't tell Momma.
On to the next activity. Shooting! This was my first time ever. Well, besides a BB Gun.
Andy got a little bored of the clay pigeons so decided to go all out on his shoe! Ha! It was hilarious!
Preston focusing. He actually hit multiple clay pigeons(and if you know anyone with his vision, that's a huge accomplishment. So proud of you P-dog!) The scope helped a lot!
After shooting we went to the 9:50pm movie- NoW yOu SeE mE. First, Andy needed a shoe that would actually stay on his foot... so we got creative. It was a pretty good movie. I was a little zoned out though. In order to get home without the driver (me) falling asleep at the wheel Cd had to blast the AC.
As we were heading to bed about 1am I realized the temple hours Friday morning are only 6am-11am. So we held a "Family Meeting"
 and agreed that we would wake up at 6am and pack the day full of activities!
The temple was great like always. It doesn't matter if your going through a trial or perfectly content with your life, you can always find a spirit of peace and comfort when attending the temple.
We had a quick breakfast at Kneaders, I dropped the boys off at the gym and went to Pilates, then we headed to Jump Time. 
A little coaching
Preston or as I call him, P- dog
Cd got stuck between the blow ups
 Foam Pit Temporarily Closed: He likes to live on the edge
After Jump Time we made the long confusing drive to the Caldwell Wake Cable Park. Christian and Austin rode and Preston and I watched. If your a dare devil wake boarder I would recommend checking it out!
We were so worn out from our endless fun we took a two hour nap. Well, the boys fell asleep, meanwhile the phone was ringing on the hook so I ran back and forth. Tanner came over to go to the river with the guys but ended up watching them sleep and took this amazing
pic of Preston:)
Later they went to the river and I made a failed attempt at chocolate chip banana muffins.
Screenshotted from Preston's phone
Today was our last day hanging out with Austin. We went to the senior seminary video making project, then the boys went to the gutter and I watched Cd in his game ( He is the stud- #11)
Such fun times this last week of summer:( I'm sad its over!) Senior Year Here I Come.