Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Remember When...

Remember when...
I used to competitively dance??? Those were the days:) But I have learned so much more about myself, my family, and God by not being so involved in the "dance world." It was fun while it lasted!

 Remember when I drove this snazzy thing??? It was quite embarrassing.. especially when Preston would "crank the base" and roll down the window and dance like he was a gangster in the school parking lot.  We all know he is the whitest person on this planet, but it was very entertaining:) I love you Preston!
 Remember when I lived in a town with a population of 915.  It was a great experience but... sorry to say I have no desire to live in that small of a town for a long while.  Great memories were made in Grace though.  It will always have a very special place in my heart <3
 Remember when Grandpa forced me to take a golf lesson from him?? I hit about two balls in one hour and was soooo incredibly hungry... but according to grandpa it was necessary that I learned how to golf before we could go get food:)
 Remember when I read this incredibly inspiring book? Words cannot describe the respect and admiration I have for Elizabeth Smart! READ IT!!
 Remember when the Simmons Fam discovered the babba?? ... and took countless pictures with them? We are oh so interesting:)
 Remember when Kelsey gave Preston Jesus socks? This is quite fitting considering that Preston is such a wonderful kid and strives to be like our Savior Jesus Christ every single day:) I wonder if he wears them on his mission??
Remember when we Graduated?? Yeah BABY!!! I was so pumped to get out of that place they call highschool.  I love the college life!

XOXO- Paige