Friday, October 24, 2014

Yellowstone National Park

Repost from college- semester 1:
Monday:  Monday was hard- mentally, but each day got better and better!  For FHE we were going to go apple picking but showed up too late so instead we played Never Have I Ever// Human Knot and walked around as a fam outside:)

Tuesday: Had weekly Devo and then went to the temple with my friend Nathan and his friend Kayla.  That night Austin and I went to yoga but there wasn't a teacher so these random girls started teaching the class... it was kind of a joke. But afterwards I danced a little in the studio. It was only like 30 seconds but it felt soooo good!!!!

Wednesday:  I was overwhelmed by my stupid math class and planning my lesson for church.  That

 evening it was nice to drop everything and hang out with my FHE Brothers.  I think that's the trick to college- work hard during the day and have fun at night. You've gotta have a balance or else youll go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday: Went to the temple again with Austin.  It was very busy but it was so nice to have time to read the scripture and just sit and ponder.  I love the temple because every time im in there, and I try to think about my worries I physically CANT.  Its the strangest thing.  My mind is so clear and I cant help but be in the moment.  I love it!!:)  After the temple we watched NEWSIES!! The greatest movie ever and sang the whole way through.  My roomies asked if I was torturing him by making him watch it. Haha! Newsies is not their style.

Friday:  After a long day of homework and test taking (which BTW I think science is my thing- or maybe his tests are just super easy:) I went with Nathan and some other friends to a haunted straw maze.  It was a first timer for me and Im not really sure how I feel about it still.  I say BRAVO to the actors because they really freaked me out.  Nathan is an actor himself and was trying to scare the scarers. haha!  We needed more men there to hang onto:)

Saturday: YELLOWSTONE!!!! I went with Daniel, Steven, Austin, and Ciera (austins cousin).  The car ride was about two hours but It was so nice having nothing to do.  We first saw some steaming hot pools and walked down the boardwalk taking thousands of pictures like the stereotypical tourists.  Then we saw Old Faithful, a gigantic geyser (Daniel kept calling it a glacier. haha!) As we turned to leave a huge Bison was chillin amidst the tourists.  People were getting sooooo close which is not the smartest thing to do.  We kept our distance but were able to take pics with it.  Once kid around 13 or 14 years old got seriously three feet from it!! I thought the Bison was gonna charge and we would witness a death that day.  Fortunately that wasn't the case. 
   One place we visited had a steaming waterfall that looked like you could slide down it.  As you stood on the boardwalk the cool breeze would push the steam towards you, making you hot and cold all at once.  It was so beautiful and peaceful!! The perfect place to go to get away from the stress of school.  I kept saying, " I just want to live here!" I would've been completely content with sitting on a rock and staring at the hot pools all day long.  The last hot pool we went to looked like a giant lake .  The steam was so thick, it looked like puffy clouds you'd envision seeing in heaven.  I hope the next life has some gorgeous places like that!!!
    Daniel couldn't quit talking about how he wanted to see a bear.  We did see some deer and bison:) Oh and I dared Steven to eat a grasshopper.  Austin and I told him we would each give him a dollar.  He decided to bite off the head first- the manly way I guess. It was disgusting!!!
   The car ride back was perfect!! The sun was setting and the entire sky was orange!  When we got back to Rexburg I just hung out at Austin's apartment the rest of the night, because my roomies were all gone.
    It was a perfect day!!

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