Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Modesty Project and weekend overview

      Hola! So... I finally finished my project! It was so much fun to put together and I am so glad that the missionaries asked me too:) Here is the link>>> I think and hope you can just click on it to take you to youtube, if not, copy and paste the url and it should take you to my channel!

Let me know what you think!!! (aka COMMENT)

      Wednesday and Thursday were homework days, but Friday CD and I were blessed with the opportunity to go to the temple for baptisms for the dead.
It was a gorgeous fall morning! My fav!
My bro is a stud!
LOVE <3 Fall!
The temple is the most sacred place on earth! I love the peace and reassurance I feel when I'm there, that Heavenly Father loves me.
Can you find Christian?
Doesn't it look like he's in the fountain? I think so:)
This is my favorite pic of the day!
We then went to kneaders for breakfast cuz guess what???... Im not eating gluten free anymore! Yay!
Meanwhile... Preston was on a Salt Lake Trip with his Priest Quorum. They met L. Tom Perry! SOOOO COOL!IM JELLY!
I dyed my hair... Happens every fall:) BEFORE^^^
AFETER^^^ I don't think its that much of a change but others do:)
Later, Taylor, Mom and I went shopping for a sr. pic dress for me:) And they had CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT!!!! I LOVE IT!
Owl club item picture for: Laurel
They had some pretty fuzzy sweaters. #sweaterweather
Sorry the pic is blurry... We called this one Lamby:)
Tay and I saw this at Albertsons. That'll keep peeps away!
We stayed at the mall until 9pm. It was exhausting. Why??? 
1. I am an early bed goer (does that make sense? I go to bed early. Haha!)
2. I'm out of shape and I went on a boot hunt, going in and out of every store in the mall!
WANTED: Mustard Colored Leather Boots. These are my dream shoes. If you find them contact me, I will love you FOREVER!!
I guess these would be my second choice^^^
Once over the tiredness, the second wind kicked in and the mall singing time began:) Wish I knew how to post videos! It was Hilarious!
Saturday morning usual:
1. Hot Yoga at 7:30am. But guess what? Im going to start going to kick boxing! Im soooo excited! Kristi Martin teaches at Studio C Wednesdays 8:30pm and Saturdays 7:30am.
2. Choreography with Alexa
3. Helping Tristan ^^^ with personal progress. Only 4 more hours till my honor bee, and she is very close to getting her medallion!
Here's what I came home to...Ya.
 Then I attended CD's football game and took some pics. I'll post them later:) Your a great QB!

 I tried this weird concoction Morgs told me about. Noodles, milk, parmesan, and s & was interesting. Maybe It'll grow on me:)
Dress shopping day 2. Pics for Kelsey!^^^ Didn't end up getting this one.
This was my favorite! We got a red leather jacket to go with it:)
Later we headed to the Ward barn dance. Upon arriving mom realized she left the treat on the counter so I volunteered to go back and get it. Ya not a good idea. I got lost for 45 minutes, driving up and down the "highway of death."
Thanks for coming to my rescue Papa!<3
After finally getting there, it was a BLAST!! Our soon to be neighbors, the Rudolf's, joined us. I danced with their adorable daughter, Quin, alllllll night!:)
Successful Weekend!
Check out my vid!!

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