Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I miss my twinner:(

Dearest Preston,
I miss you! And i love you so much. I hope you kow that. I'm sorry for not telling you more often.

I miss you inventing words- like pingle, soy, and JIM. I thought it was hilarious. 

I miss trying to teach you how to kiss, even though we both have nonexistent love lives.

I miss listening to your aweful music in the car. You were always so patient with me and wanted so desperately for me to like just one of your songs.

I also miss the way you'd lead the music to our car concerts with your extremely long finger. 

I miss temple Thursday. How I'd yell at you to tell me when to merge even though you haven't driven a day in your life and we could've easily died.

I miss our deep spiritual conversations.

I miss forcing you to study and threatening to smash your phone against the wall if you touched it. 

I miss having a buddy to go to the first day of school with. And to stick by my side every day after.

I miss your loud eating. And how you'd explain to me that it was the EBT. Eating breathing technique. 
I also miss having a human garbage disposal around to so willingly finish my food for me. 

I miss how you'd talk.. And talk.. And talk.

I miss how you'd speak Spanish in your very creepy accent. And how you'd speak Spanish to Oliver, who let you know he wanted nothing to do with it:)

Get it??? I miss you. But I know we are both where we are suppose to be:) I know you are pleasing The Lord and blessing so many lives in Chile.
I love you<3

XOXO- Paige 

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