Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Favorite Breakfast!!!

Hello... I have a new favorite breakfast I thought I'd share. 
This is quinona. My friends think its what hipsters eat. It is a grain kind of like rice, kind of like oats, but WAAAYYY better!  You can cook it on the stove top or in a rice cooker and make a giganitc batch to last you all week.  It is very filling too:)

After heating the quinona I drizzel some honey on top, sprinkle cinnamon and glob some peanut butter on there.

Then add rasberries or any other berry you'd like. I also think some coconut shavings would be super delicious!!!
Hope you enjoy!
XOXO- Paige

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Christmas Tree Adventure

Last weekend I went on a Christmas Tree Adventure with Austin and is brother and sister in law.  We drove up to a forest in the mountains to chop down a tree... This was a new experience for me as my family has always had a fake tree.
We trudged around in the freezing cold for about an hour searching for the perfect tree.  The boys also got some of their energy out by running around throwing snowballs at one another.  

Austin found a mini tree for his apartment (displayed below) and his bro and sis in law found a slightly bigger one^^^ (displayed above)  Sawing down the tree was a lot of work, of course, I was just supervising but boy did it tire me out watcing them;) haha! 

I call this the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree:)

After changing our wet clothes Austin and I went over to his bros house to help them decorate thier tree and  wrap presents while listening to christmas tunes.  It made it feel a little bit like Christmas. Except for the lack of snow here in Rexburg.. its quite sad:(   Then we watched Over the Hedge... not so christmasy but its ok:)

Bye Bye College

Looking back at this picture makes me laugh.  I was so oblivious and uncertain as to how my first semester of college would go.  But I was hopeful! And although it was really rough, I can look back and smile, because honestly without the wonderful people that I met, I wouldnt have been able to make it.

Annie and Syd:)

Tuesdays Devotional! This is a pic of when Elder HOLLAND came to speak to us!!! It was such a powerful message encouraging us to be happy.  And it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life!

Finished my 15th journal!

Weekly Temple visits! Probably my favorite part about this campus was the fact that I could walk to the temple whenever I wanted!

Love my FHE Family!!!

Lastly, I love this quote<3  College is a place to discover who you are.  I definetley feel like Ive done that.  The friends Ive met have helped me come out of my shell and be myself.  Ive also come to know whose I am.  I am a daughter of God and I know that he loves you and me!  He loves us individually and if you are ever in need of help of strength I know that he is always willing to help us.  I have seen his hand in my life, literally, every single day of my college experience.  Being on my own, I have grown even closer to The Lord.  God is Good:)

Tijuana, Mexico Round 2

Over Thanksgiving break my mama and I went down to Tijuana, Mexico to visit my doctor.  Yes, I know it sounds sketchy! If you are not aware already, I have had digestion problems for the past 6 years and we have been working to get to the bottom of it.  I am  hopeful that this doctor is our solution.
This time, we drove...17 hours.  It really wasnt that bad though.  I only drove for 1.5 hours and mom was freaking out the entire time so she took over:) Im really not a bad driver though... I promise!  Instead of checking into the hotel in San Diego we decided to go to the beach.  
    The closest beach was called Boarder Field.  Quite ironic becaue it was literally right next to the boarder of Mexico.  See that fence? Yep, the other side is mexico.  We met a security officer who has to sit on the beach all day to monitor so people dont try to hop the fence or swin around to come to America.  
     Unfortunatley, you cant swim in the ocean because when it rains all of the sewage from the Tijuana River floods into the ocean contaminating it.  Gross! I was really sad:( I wanted to swim!

The next day we made our way into Mexico. Yes, my MOM drove into Mexico with HER CAR!! The drivers there are like mini Italians and my mom says to are either an offensive driver or an offended driver. Haha! She did an excellent job!

So pretty much every day we went to the clinic right across the street from our hotel to get treatment until about 4 oclock.

The bacteria I had last time is completely gone! Yayy! But I still have some other abnormal cells that we need to get back to normal:) I will be going back at the beginning of March for HOPEFULLY the last time.

In the evening we would go out on the town:) One night we went to this AMAZING movie theatre with GIGANTIC recliners!!! We saw Mocking Jay and I accidentally fell asleep... Whoopsy!

     This is our absolute favorite meal at "the grass hut restaraunt." Spicy Grilled Shrimp with rice pilaf and veggies! YUM!~

And... I got sushi!!! But it wasnt that great. Too bad so sad!

It was perfect weather- 75 degrees. SuN sHiNiNg

We also went to this organic vegan and diabetic bakery!  The owner spoke little english but was so sweet and nice! She served us dinner even though technically serving hours were over.
    Everyone at the hotel and clinic are soooo kind to us!!! I wish Americans were like that!

At the clinic getting Chelation ( an IV which cleans your blood)

Being weirdos... wait a minute. Being OURSELVES:)

The coolest trees in the world. According to me:)

Till next time Tijuana:)

My Facetime Buddy!

One of my many life lines here at college has been my favorite cousin Ellie! Whenever im having a rough time, hard day, or am struck with a wave of complete boredom I can always turn to her.
She likes to keep things intersting by running around the house with me or singing songs. One day we even wrote a song together!  I absolutely love my Ells!

Sometimes we have scripture study together or talk about how 5th grade is going.  She pleads with me to give her advice which I feel very unqualified to do, but I try my best! 

Honestly, hanging out with Ellie makes me sooooo extremely excited to be a mom one day.  To talk, sing, advise, play and love my kiddos!!!!
I love you Ellie!
     XOXO- Paige

Recap: Happy Birthday to ME!:)

       Hello world!!! Im 19 now! Yippee!!! 
  Oh and so is Elder Simmons:) 
Our birthday was actually November 8th, so as you can tell Im a little behind... better late than never right?
        One of the best birthday presents I recieved was a video that from Preston in Chile wishing me a Happy Birthday!  It was so fun to see him and hear him and get a small taste of that hilarious sense of humor that I miss so much! 

        For our birthday, I didnt want to be stuck in Rexburg (no offense:) so my friend Austin and I took a road trip to Roseleaf Academy for a long weekend where we met my family to PARTAY!

      On friday, Austin and I went to temple square and preformed baptisms for the dead at the GORGEOUS SLC Temple!  Then we got a tour of the conference center!  This was probably my favorite part.  The tour guide told us some wonderful stories that really made me feel the spirit and increased my testimony of how the Salt Lake Valley is truly and inspired place!

      We just HAPPENED to get lost and just HAPPENED to run into the famous WAFFLE LOVE truck.  I had to get a picture!!! 

Woke up on Saturday (birthday morning) to this wonderful shrine that Laurel and Camille set up of Preston and I! They sacraficed their beauty sleep and woke up at 5am to set it up! They are seriously the BEST!

      Later in the day Austin, Mama, and I went hiking to Donut Falls.  And yes, we found snow:)
On the way up the mountain we jumped from rock to rock like my favorite childhood game- Hot Lava, skipped, danced, and laughed.  It was sooooo much fun seeing my mama again:)

It was also pretty freeeeezzzziiinnnggg! Hiking up to the falls was quite and experience.  The rocks were covered in ice, and as an independent 19 year old I refused to be helped!!!

That night my parents, Austin and I all went out to dinner for.....SUSHI! My favorite! Then we went to the local Desert Star Playhouse and saw Dracula.  It was a fantastic weekend! 

Happy Birthday to Me:)