Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter Most

"We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most."
check out this video right now!!!:)^^^

Hi hi! 
Just wanted to share a little "spiritual thought" with u!  ENJOY LIFE!!! (I'm mainly telling myself this ;)..for some reason it is SO hard for me to live in the moment. I think it's because we live in the world, and the world tells us everyday that we need to worry about little frivolous things- that they are important.
Last week I went to dinner with my aunt and Camille. We had the BEST view of the gorgeous salt lake temple!!

 As I sat listening to laurel tell me stories about how she would entertain me in my height chair when I was little, I couldn't help but think, " this moment will be a memory tonight. I need to enjoy now!" 

So I'm not trying to reprimand, but remind you and myself, to ENJOY this time of your life! Whatever stage your in.... To laugh and talk and hug more often, because soon these times will just be memories- ones that we hopefully don't regret. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last week at Roseleaf

I cant believe this is my last week at rosleaf academy:( I am sooooo sad!! I have had so many good times here and have grown to love Murray!! I would seriously be content with staying here my whole life.. but that wouldnt push me or help me grow, so soon I'll be off on another adventure:)

Weekly breakdown:

MONDAY: I did yard work all day which i actually enjoy being in the sunshine, listening to some tunes, and pondering about my life:) .. its a good recharge.  went to hot yoga with the live guitar which i thought would be cheesy cheese but i actually LOVED IT! The dude sounded like John Mayer!

TUESDAY: went on a hike which was magical and refreshing! I went to donut falls! Its this waterfall that flows through a whole in the mountain (hole.. donut.. get it??) I was hiking in the rain too but i loved it!!.  the utah mountains are GORGEOUS!! Ive missed them.

WEDNESDAY: I met my friend Karly at cafe rio for lunch and a chat.  Then i hit a bus... joy! Well not the whole bus just their mirror but it totally wasnt a part of my summer plan and made me mad because i had like 4 days left at Roseleaf Academy and i just HAD to DESTROY one more thing;) Im still waiting to hear on the estimated cost of repair. EMBARRASSING!  

THURSDAY: Babysat my cousins pretty much all day but it was a BLAST! We all did the ice bucket challenge- to support ALS ( I even convinced the 3 year old to do it!!) and colored for a few HOURS. they all drew me a picture that i put in my journal. My cousin ellie kept asking me very complicated questions about life and such and then she wrote me this note on the back of her picture that made it sound like i was dying and I'll never see her again... kinda depressing.

FRIDAY: Went to the temple and got through in record time! It gave me time to go to the mall and find bracelets for my Roseleafers: Laurel and Camille as a goodbye token to always remember the good times. I dont want to leave:(
I babysat my one year old cousin Peyton. His vocabulary consists of ball and he can bark like a dog.  I took him to the park on his little push bike- was super hard to control- and we played on the playground ( as much as a one year old can) Then a storm hit and we got caught in the rain so i sped walk home dragging his bike behind.

Around 7 Laurel and camille took me to the Garden Restaurant overlooking the SLC temple!!! I was distracted by it while they were trying to talk to me! Its GORGEOUS!! We had a great conversation  about ALL ive learned this summer and i think one of the most important things is that, spiritually, i feel like I'll be ok:) I can do it!! I can be a faithful lifelong member of the church!!! I love it SO much!!!

Laurel and Camille presented a new journal to me with "Roseleaf Academy 2014" engraved on it and a picture of her home on the inside! I cant wait to use it!  They also gave me two books " the missionary's little book of inspirational stories" and " the peter potential." I presented my bracelets and a letter to each of them too:)

As we were headed out camille said," Well Paige the night is young. Is there anything else you want to do?" Big Mistake:) Deja vu! We ended up going shopping at H & M 30 minutes before it closed just like we did last summer on my last night with them. Speed shopping with Laurel is a great time and i am now prepared with some edgy winter attire for BYU- I ( Laurel said she doesnt want me to start looking like a clone. she thinks everyone there looks the same. haha!) 

SATURDAY: I cleaned my uncles house and then went to work for 8.5 hours!!! MY LAST DAY!!! YAY!!! Never again will i work retail.. well i say that now;)

And now its today, SUNDAY.  And guess what??? For my last sunday in the ward i will be giving a talk next week. They just had to catch me before i left. It is a little intimidating because everyone is so much older and wiser than me but then i think ' There is a great chance i will never see these people again. Lets go out with a bang:)'

I'm headed to MEXICO tomorrow to get treatments at a clinic down there:) CANT WAIT! 

Im gonna start blogging every sunday< watch out> haha! I pinky promise- and i know ive said that before, but im human:) maybe I'll add in a few random posts every now and then throughout the week:) 

Reading is cool and so are you! Haha!

XOXO- Paige

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lake Powell 2014!

   This last week i had a WHOLE week off of work  and we headed down to Lake Powell!!! 

The night before we had a celebration for my grandma and grandpa simmons 50th wedding anniversary.  It was such a great program with singing and dancing and picture slideshows. 

I admire my grandparents soooo much!! 50 years of marriage people! Most people now a days cant even make it 5 years.  And they are still in love as ever!


     Now Lake powell: 
- Ate dinner around 9:30 or 10pm every night

- made progress with wake boarding and slalom skiing >>> i went outside the wake and jumped a tiny bit (unintentionally).

- Laid in the sun and took a nap every day which was glorious! Am i lame if i say that was my favorite thing i did:)

- Had a Mountain Dew party because my family is addicted//obsessed with Mountain Dew. What do you do at a Mountain Dew party you ask? Well, we didnt really know either. So we: dressed up like hill Billy's, ate food, talked, sang a song about Mountain Dew that my papa found on the internet, played Chinese writing, and lit off fire works!!!

- Toe hold competition: Let me explain. A toe old is when you are on a slalom ski you take your back foot out while skiing and place it (foot flexed) in the rope then let go. now you are skiing with your leg at a 90 degree angle being pulled by your foot. Its dang hard. One person we brought is an expert at it so we all had a competition. Christian won- 33 seconds skiing with the toe hold. 
practicing for the toe hold^^^

- Sibling Wake boarding: Preston wanted all four of us siblings to get up on wakeboards. it was so much fun to be out there with all of them:)


Yesterday i said goodbye to preston :( It actually hasnt really sunk in yet that i wont see him for two whole years and once it does im gonna be a wreck. He is my favorite sibling... shhhh. and really one of the only people in this world who gets me.  But he is going to do AMAZING out in the mission field and i cant wait to follow him:)

   Two more weeks at Roseleaf Academy... TIME TO PARTAY!!!:)
More pics of Lake Powell coming soon.