Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hopes and Dreams

      Today in English we had to write down 50 things we wanted to do before we were 50. It was actually very difficult! No doubt we will have all done WAY more than 50 things by that time. Here is my list:
1. be in a runway fashion show

2. teach competition dance
3.become a motivational speaker (even though I hate public speaking, I wanna make a difference in others lives:)

<3 Go follow we_matter on insta<3

4. publish a written work. Oh wait, I kinda am.

5. discover all of my interests (there is a lot out there in the world that I'm sure I'm not even aware of!)
6. travel to Italy (mainly because that is where dad went on his mission, and it sounds amazing!)

7. learn a language-fluently

8. stay up for 48 hours, actually, now that I think of it maybe not:/ I NEED my sleep!

9. get married in the temple

10. invent an amazing recipe

11. see Stephanie Nielson speak!!! I WILL fulfill this goal this year!

12. chop my hair to a pixie cut. If I'm brave!
Kinda like this but...NOT!:)
13. blow 300$ on clothes all at once

14. go snow shoeing

15. go cross country skiing
16. learn a backflip off a diving board, well...im a chicken! And becoming quite desperate at this point!

17. camp under the stars

18. have a pet KITTEN! Not CAT.

19. Complete 30 journals. I'm on #10:)

20. Have children. 5-6 please!

21. Go to Africa

22. own a business (Antique clothing and décor shop)

23. discover a new favorite food, besides peanut butter and nachos<3 Not together:)
24. be a nanny
25. Also a super nanny type deal where I help people learn how to raise their kids

26. surf. preferably not in the ocean. I HATE SHARKS!

27. hike the narrows

28. learn how to sing

30. learn how to play the piano

31. meet Melanie Moore

32. interior decorate someone's home

33. renovate and remodel my own home that's paint, decorate, and landscape!
Love my house but...
I wanna renovate a home like this! Tiny, brick, but with a turquoise door!
34. buy a hot tub

35. photography travel trip

36. read a book in one day

37. figure out all of my medical issues

38. change someone's life:)

39. learn about archeology

40. live somewhere warm
41. not be known as a quiet person
42. try out living in North Carolina. Mainly because of Nicholas Sparks books:)
Tiny town=Grace  Equivalent to North Carolina, Loved IT!
43. Not have bad knees

44. go on a mission

45. go to France. Romantic!!!<3

46. design a movie set and script based off of a book. The movies never turn out like my mind imagines them!! So disappointing.

47. Scuba Dive, not so sure... I'm desperate here!

48. Adopt

49. Go to BYU and graduate

50. Have a Christmas party in July

If you got through this it either means you really love me or your extremely bored:)Congrats!

P.s. My mom is AWESOME<3
Preston learned a backflip
Bowing for me afterwards:)
 and Christian likes to photo bomb!


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