Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Adam

         WoW its been a while! You can blame that on school:)
But its BREAK so I will not dwell on the past. Its Christmas Adam (get it, adam came before eve) 
        Friday my night consisted of homework until midnight, I was determined to get it ALL done and it didn't happen:)
      Yesturday was fantastic though. We had our Christmas program at church, which was so fun singing in the choir, plus Tristan was awarded with her Young Women Personal Progress Award and I got my Honor Bee. Sucessful Day!
       And to finish it off the Fam come over for dinner, gingerbread houses ( I made sugar free peanut butter cookies. SO GOOD!) and watching ELF.
Kelseys Masterpiece house
Christian's CHOCOLATE house
My cousin's perfectionist professional house
Matts Wheelchair:)
Preston's Truck
Oh, and one more thing... I opened up my mission account and
started my papers!!!!!

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