Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bullying- Stop It!

      A couple weeks ago, I couldn't sleep one night.  So I looked up a Mormon message on my favorite app- The Mormon Channel- and came across one entitled Bullying Stop it.  It's based off of a talk given by Elder Utchdorf called The Merciful Obtain Mercy.  It is great for all Teens or Pre teens to read!!! DO IT!

      For some reason this video really got to me.  Maybe its because I've felt alone before, like all of us have at some point, or because I've felt like I've hurt people around me, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  At church we've been talking about forgiveness.  It is soooo cool how the Lord works in our lives and gives us experiences at the moment when we most need them.
     I feel like I needed to see this video at this time in order to get over some feelings I have held onto over the years.  In seminary the next day I talked of this experience and we watched the video.  Once again the Lord showed his hand in my life>>> Our lesson was on repentance from sin.  We talked about how the Anti-Nephi- Lehi's buried their weapons of war ( or sin in our case ) and changed.  Then we had the opportunity to write down something we wanted to change in our lives, and burry it outside. 
      It was such an amazing object lesson, just what I needed at that time.  I am so grateful for this wonderful church that I am apart of, and the knowledge that I have that God is real and that he directs my life.

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