Sunday, November 17, 2013

1082>>>>>& Sneak Peak Sr Pics

               Initially, I planned on posting a monumental 1000 views TOTAL, but you peeps are SO awesome that time has gotten away from me and views have ^ to 1082!!!! CRAZINESS!

While I was at a second dance photoshoot, my photographer gave me the previous sr pics we took.

Im a little rusty... OK A LOT:)
These last four are my FAVORITE!
Thanks Nathan!
After the shoot, mom and I got the BEST NACHOS IN THE WORLD at The Yardhouse:) Yummmm!
This was on the table and I just HAD to take a pic of it!
Its quite ironic since 2 Nephi 28:8 is the scripture mastery of the week:)
I entered a Mindy Gledhill give away contest. Unfortunately I didn't win:(
SNNNOOOWWWW this weekend!! Yay! and 107.9 is playing Christmas Tunes!
"That's what I'm talkin bout!"
While cleaning my room in preparation for family to come into town I found...
my ipod from sixth grade! oh how ive missed you!
Luke stayed at our house this weekend! There was a lot of fun and laughter:)  Love you Buddy!
We also attended three of CD's basketball games. He is such and amazing athlete:)
At the mall while some were getting Chinese massages and others manicures, I hung with Luke.
  • I bought a WONDERFUL mustard yellow scarf at DownEast while he laid on the floor with his hood on.
  • We went to the National Guard Store.
  • We looked at Santa! Yay!!!! Christmas!
  • He bought himself reeces pieces with my money and dropped half of them on the ground.
  • I amused him for about fifteen minutes by tying his finger in my shoe. Then he would show me how he was magic, "Ta Da" and could get it out:)
Last night we had a group date at a black lights ropes course called Bodies in Motion.
It was wayyy Fun and now I am soooo sore!
 my name is peege and I like to blog. -Written by Tanner

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